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The numerous nuclei of the motor oculi nerve lie in
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application of this water through its chemical constitu-
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excision of a major joint, in particular the shorten-
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any readings the subject should be shown how to keep his pupil in line
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two centimetres in diameter, the entire cortex of the
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as of course all the present animals, as well as calves,
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driatic in estimating errors of refraction. J. Am. M, Ass.,
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siiioD in which the boy struck the ground," the direction of the force
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Sig. — Two to five drops well diluted after meals.
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Two solutions are employed, which must be kept in separate
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more potent, as they knew how to make it, by the addi-
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Tea, Lane' 's Tea, Rocky Mountain Tea, etc. It is also the active
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knee-joints. The viscera were tolerably healthy, and no ossific deposit was
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season, had reached the advanced age of 112; and the oldest co-
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Case VI. — E. R., aged fifty-two ; admitted to German Hospital,
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that the serum should be separated from the blood ; for the
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portunity, commensurate with the needs of different students, should be
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Watkins, Fonso B., Morganton; Jeff. Med. Coll., 1907; U.N.C 1907 1910
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courtesy of the Royal Technical College, been made there for
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After a free perspiration is produced, the patient must
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tender. Both auditory canals and drum-heads were pale ; the latter
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Jenner family, Mr. Bridgman told me, was universally to the effect
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with or without the addition of such remedies as phenacetin and antipyrine,
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constipation, slight morning expectoration and pain
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and not unfrequently becomes a permanent malady pursuing a course
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i>n animals, made by a committee of the Medico-Chirurgical Society, itSi
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Acute encephalitis — PoliO'encepJialitis acuta (Striimpell). — A more
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Marine-Hosjntal Service for four weeks ending May 11, 1889:
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before the auricles contract, the mitral curtains are floated out, and the
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occasionally life is destroyed by sudden and powerful mental
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suggested such a plan to his mind seems to have been perfectly
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chloral were the agents depended on in addition to the chloroform; in both, the con-
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rarely prominent, and is generally wanting in clironic Bright's disease.
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1. Severe suffering, provoked hy lying on one side, which constitutes
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were eligible for the Fellowship. Sir William Jenner
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actual condition of the observed phenomena. The sister sciences,
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it being a continuation of the medulla from both hemispheres.
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