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teaspooufuU in wineglassfull of water, three times a day. Also, as a sfubstitate for the

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From this time the case proceeded without complication.

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commonly do, may give a tone to any other localised

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there was always danger in resorting to the surgical

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s?pirits of ammonia in water if available. Do not permit the person

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rales at various parts of tiic chest. In a {i^roup of eases tiiere is no fever or

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or less secondary areola which is not definitely circumscribed, but

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at the bases not always separable from those of oedema or capillary bron-

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be kept warm"; if he be able to sit up, or to recline with the legs

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per valuation be made of the previous symptoms and history of the

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felt-paper with a decoction of linseed. This is to be im-

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having always preferred their being attached some distance from

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The carbohydrates demanded by the process of oxidation are un-

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The abrasions on the neck at once struck the most casual

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fats are preferred, as they furnish a far greater proportion of

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to be said. As to the duration, the author advises always to

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remember that it is active only in an acid medium, and so we must

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tion of scattered abscesses in some particular district, sometimes a series

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not on those who had no malady but old age, and in none

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cases disappeared vi-ry slowly ; it was not, however, very widespread."

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name has been mentioned by me on a previous page, was one

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favorable, the procedure was repeated on any exacerbation of

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stomach-pump. Two other cases proved fatal, the one in nine days, and thel

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404.— Bacltz (E.) Das japanische Ueberschwemmungs-

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(d'). There is no ring at the opposite end of the guide, so that the

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as I have observed, proved uniformly fatal; this is scratching

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In cases of nerve injury by blunt force without a pene-

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of any morbid change attributable to it. In the blood, animalculas

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students and a guide for the surgeon and practitioner.

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and weakness there may be varying degrees of abdominal tenderness.

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defied. . . . Beware of sudden change in any great point of diet,

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