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Tretinoin Vs Retinol

veyance and treatment of small-pox patients. Probably but

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the House of Lords, seems in no wise to have checked the

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efficacy or speak very doubtfully regarding it, although Binz

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is well known that such beneficial influence has been be-

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stood lo be in general harmony with the views enter-

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Dr. Petrini de Galatz, of Bucharest ; and Dr. Paul Joannu,

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insanitary conditions in the building so far as drains are con-

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amid cheers and music, contributed by the band of the Scots

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In conclusion, I have not yet had a single case of extraction

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specialities has of late years been enormous. No doubt if

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created a considerable quantity of dust, and it was not an

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opacity at tiie upper portion of the cornea, covering to a

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frequently, and retained nothing by the mouth. The light

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papers in order to benefit by the various reductions made by tlie railwaj'

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antivaccination centre has in no trifling degree herself been

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LEICESTER INFIRMARY.— Assistant House-Surgeon. Salary, £S0 per

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germs of disease. He begged his friends to believe that, if he

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pubes with the os patulous, and a glairy discharge exuding

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ing the public health which are at present too generally

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between different unions in the same county. And how was

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for a month previously, patient had been suffering from anor-

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similar rashes may occur in the third week of typhoid fever.

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was the subject of heart disease, but he never allowed this to

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rounding district ? -Vny information will greatly oblige.

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pain, soon after taking food. For the last five or S'ix months

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Dr. Chapman reported a case of Primary Cancer of the

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Hospital ; G. \'. Worthington, Cambridge University; J. H.

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On June 4th a statue of Th^ophraste Renaudot, physician

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Mary, only daughter of th© late James Nelson Sparkes, of North

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£9,962, averaging £8 lis. per case. We set the figures out in

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Queens College, Belfast ; Edith B. Joel, Royal College of Surgeons,

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wholly or partially included in each basin being clearly

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Communications. — Dr. Samuel Griffith read a paper on

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