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it by the above-mentioned break, is of a corresponding

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book may be stated in a few words: he argued that women are not men;

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increased action, and the desired effects not being produced, we consider

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life. Marie, who regards this as important in diagnosis, states that most

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Virginia will be held on the third Wednesday of next February.

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Confederate War Department. Three companies of this regiment

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true wisdom may consist in treating fever as a valuable

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black draught at a first-rate chemist's." "Ah, I see," says

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seen by Mr. Chappell of George Street, who succeeded,

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nine minutes ; three drops, in the same way, killed a strong cat in a minute and a

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until M. MoUifere reported his cases last spring. Since

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ing, it was deemed desirable to estabUsh a free dispensary for

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have followed mainly in the presentation of this subject.

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If " science " is capable of such unscience then may

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histamine — unexcelled in potency and freedom from side effects — Ciilor-Trimeton

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34. His eyes reacted to light and accommodation. The

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single organism a])pareiitly vary greatly. After further work the

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the rete mirabile, drawn by its affinity for oxygen, till it meets

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time developed and what the conditions had been that

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presence. My friend Mr. Walter Lewis, of Crewe, mentions

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very full of them, and at the same time be feebly acid or neutral,

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daily. The habitual use of alkaline waters has been recommended, bnt

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joint. The authors considered it a terminal invasion, as it was only

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James F. Flanders, M.D., Wilmington, has been appointed director of the medical

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the ankles is a common feature of this stage of the disease.

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anterior third of the posterior half. The lesion capsule, after Obersteiner. To

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number of his second series of dogs, mentioned no changes in the

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the more the patients are cystoscoped in their own urine and the less

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he placed the seat of the soul and sensation in the heart, and*that he had no conception of the

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incipient flat foot is made, or a roentgen-ray examination is made

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similar apparatus should wear large thick spectacles of red

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uniform. In numerous cases, examination after death has failed to

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malpositions which would most quickly and surely be seen,

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a horse, grounding that opinion principally on the distinctness of the wounds

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explaining the apparent frequency with which Bright's disease is seen in

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Very much better; no more vomiting; has passed a solid

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