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tle service to him if the opinion prevails that his
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A gentleman of highly neurotic temperament complained of pain in his
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reddish, crystalline substance, said to be a power-
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speedily. I am credibly informed thai leper patients are
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Proprietary v. Official Preparations. — A correspondent draws
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antisyphilitic remedies is very disappointing. If the blocking be com-
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to be no alternative but excision or amputation. Mr. Lister,
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milk is once prepared the bottle should not be opened until it is given
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Milwaukee ; M. D. Davis, M. D., Milton, ; K. H. Doege.
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Auscultaiion. — With increased movement of the lung there may be a re-
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that it is immaterial w^hether an ordinary or a deep expira-
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Each essay shall be accompanie<l by a sealed envelope
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table stomachs will retain, digest and absorb this,
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their state or condition to this affection. The red
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modic affection yielded from that hour, and before she had taken three
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The surface may not ulcerate at any time, but an abundance
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this condition has been seen in almost all febrile diseases, in cases of
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in epidemic form without being accompanied by cases of true variola.
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immunity units, were injected with a Koch syringe between the child's
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petition at Prestwick, £33; from a sale and garden entertainment
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edged the wearying care attendant upon its use, but expressed his honest be-
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and were given instructions regarding the methods of
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resection of knee; cure.] Orvosi hetil., Budapest, 1883,
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^ Regarded as a cause of tuberculosis in the latter. To this point the com-
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they are therefore those in which the prognosis of a spontaneous cure
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creased. The arteries are rather large, fibrous, and often quite tortu-
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be slowly administered. In severe cases, especially
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the value of cooked solid animal foorl, and 1 cannot avoid the suspicion
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result in a cure. I believe the hip elevation an aid in treatment and worthy
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If defects, abnormalities, diseases, or predispositions to disease are
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external genitals and vagina when done in young women and the
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accounts to some extent for the low rate prevailing there.
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cases in which there is an abundant secretion, but a want of power
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tained about 65, and kept moist by steam. These measures are to be

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