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ful. Possessed of broad views, he was quick to recognize merit
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be made of the plexuses of Meissner and Auerbach in the walls of the intes-
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l)onding to the diseased portion of the lungs, as perceived when the patient
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whereas the anterior horn cells recover completely in time. These facts
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tische Wichtigkeit, Deutsch. med. Wchnschr., 1905, xxxi, 573.
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shoulders or sides of the body present, delivery is prevented until the
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1 Curiously enough, in Alibert's Monographie des Dermatoses, 1836, 1 can find no reference
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November 2Sd: Pulse, 76; temperature, 98.4° F. The wound was dressed, and the
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tumors must be reckoned those which result from that mys-
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duce a more vivid pleasure. Several contiguous impressions
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in a few months. In some cases the lesions are not so profound, and the
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The “practice of medicine” has been described as
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analysis the separation of the so-called caseine from
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advance movement ; but on the whole it would be well for the profes-
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margin in the median line. The liver was a little lower.
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infections may show severe bronchitis. As a rule it lessens in the second
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cigarette, stock selling, and other "sub-standard" advertising, is
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The occurrence of fibrillation, while a bad factor in prognosis, does
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later, as she was still under observation. He admitted that he could not
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in tiie thousand, and constant irrigation was kept up
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almost without exception absent in tabes dorsalis, while as a general rule
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iency of the disease, but can be continued, with greater advantage, until
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Abadic (C.) Des operations qui se pratiquent dans un
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grow from the skin between the digits, causing a varying degree
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exhibited the specimen, from a female patient, aged 54
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to have made a permanent impression upon American medicine.
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wheat has been sowed you expect to find wheat, and if you
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made to flow from the vessels of the amputated part, whether
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A patient having had a spear head in his jaw for six
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Science. Two years and a half later, Cormack, who had been aided
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arsenic, copper, antimony, lead, thallium, and barium — can be
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use as often as formerly the saturated solution of sul-
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end of August, it was common to see sixteen or twenty soldiers,
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of these hyaline thrombi. He believes them due to toxins rather than to the
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are but nature's efforts to rid the gastro-intestinal tract of
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cated fresh ))lastic exudation in the left pleural cavi-

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