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ination with the ophthalmoscope, and have given in the body

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able and which offers greater safeguards than those hith-

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obliquity first appeared when he was twenty years of age,

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member of the Committee informed of the existing state of

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always proportioned to the degree of local disease. To this we might

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greater than the right in five, and the right than the left in three.

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This herb is used in Coughs, Consumption and Asthma, also in

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degree in the bodies of all thofe who died in this epidemic,

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uniformly throughout the whole kidney, a smooth atrophy may be the

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trodes directly on the appropriate cortical surface

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andXjentlemen ; the number and lengths of the various

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what thickened. There was also a little abscess the

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mediate effect which they produce, test the sort of inflammation

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rifice for minor disease ; if the operation must be done,

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for two hours. A day or two later she had two fits during the visit of the

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chir., Koma, 1846, xii, 3-37.— Frank (G.) SuH' appendice

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of an attack where the poison was the same. 3. There was no

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Might lung. — Upper lobe, divided into eight pieces, three floated, all

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be the sentiments of those who were present at the meeting, as it was advocated

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case when an individual remains out of tone or goes off colour, even

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nephritis, if present, will become worse. La- night the improvement in his general con

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the amount of lung tissue involved and the disturbance of heart

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irregular manner, sometimes unilateral, sometimes in circumscribed,

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marked, all of the paralytic symptoms have almost entirely dis-

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disturbances were so great that it seemed unsafe to continue

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securelv, so as to brine; their long-itudinal axes into their

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have made the subject worthy of the most careful inves-

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ment, and renders the precipitate thrown down by the gastric

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