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marked. There may be progressive diminution in the quantity of urine,
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adherent. External carotid artery temporarily ligatured and growth
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was distinctly demonstrated. Lumbar puncture was done
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highest ape differs from that of man, it differs far more widely from
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instance, cases of acute glossitis "are treated by the application of
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in 1867 brought no change ; on the contrary, an attack of menorrhagia aggra-
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ances, alleging as a reason that the Medical officer's book was
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How far the Medical gentlemen of Worcester are open ti>
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the Latin title; but when drugs or preparations substantially the same are official under
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fume. This phenomenon received no consideration at the time
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April 23, 1866. David Xevin, xi. fifty, good constitution, temperate
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The great majority of cases of consumption if sent to
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are pronounced the mucous membrane may be somewhat thickened,
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ed by the application of- a blister to the nucha. During his
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Interesting in the latter connection are the cases seen during
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Union, from the African and from the Aboriginal tribes, all of
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A greater or less degree of it is of common occurrence. The amount of
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skin of the big toe is bright red, shiny, and recalls the appearance of onion-
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feeding cases are, perhaps, the most difficult ones
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injured, even with a blunt nose piece to the syringe. How-
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whose mother was tuberculous. Dr. Jacobi went on to
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lent; night sweats slight. She has had only one haemorrhage
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