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brought on or aggravated by fatigue or emotion, and sometimes amounting
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Hodokin's Disease. — N. Senn • reports 2 cases of Hodgkin's dis-
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They include keeping up the body temperature above normal, strych-
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ogist is in a better position to judge by the total volume of the spleen,
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had presented was marked by a darker hue, and was broken ; and at its edge,
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This is, as stated, the first of two large volumes on dis-
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1,270 cases, that is, about 8 per cent, of the population were attacked.
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valuation of percussion must be determined from pathologic cases submitted to the
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The diagnosis of deep-seated temposphenoidal tumor on the right
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acid crystals. Uric-acid concrements varying in size from
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of it. With a semi -circular needle he inserts a series of silk ligatures-
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as^ long as the fermentescible substance is kept free hno
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Hospital, dedicated exclusively to the treatment of scrofulous maladies,
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It was found in this way that anthrax began to con-
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afforded by this system the surgeon was fully justified in freely opening into a
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owing to " stifthess " of the legs. He could not bend his knees and found
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increasing amounts and .r-ray treatment every other day. Red cells,
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boxylic acid methyl ester. The alkaloid is found in Rubaceae and related trees.
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time. This method was continued to the end, with increasing
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bulance, on Washington's birthday, February 22, 1889. He was
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skull, and these did not produce any immediate paralysis.
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Chemical : Quantitative experiments have been made on the mixed
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inflammation. 2. In a proportion of cases, varying with
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iodide in ten-grain doses three times daily, and have
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ance in question does not appear to us to have been of
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forms certain septa, needless to specify, which intervene between the cere.
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and scrub the arm with soap and corrosive, when I inject
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Pellagrins Whose Record Was Indefinite in Any Preceding Year

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