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produced be large enough to overcome the positive charge of the particles

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Mr. Moore remembered a case which had occurred many

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ject more ample than I at first conceived, and that it

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reported cases. In the author's case there had been pre-

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important phenomena of the functions of circulation and res-

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same nosological name and character. At least it cannot be

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congenital hypoplasia of the blood-vessels and genitalia; Clarke's, of oopremia;

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medicaments (simples, tinctures, or direct applications) tabulated. Three charts relating to

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great results follow the use of the X-ray by putting the patient

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towards the tip, or ' from the tip towards the base of the mng, called

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with deficient oxidation, such as phthisis and emphysema.

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be immediately responsible to the professor for the

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a cumulative effect, like digitalis, and great care is neces-

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hours by an enema, a blister to the abdomen, and dressed

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6 The obiection arising from the existence of dis- I those numerous works of hygiene the efficacy of which lias

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(Reprint from New York Medical Journal, 1871.) New York ;

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nomena were satisfactorily explained by the presence

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alcoholic intoxicants has. Alcohol, as is well known

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to deal w^ith such acute accidents as hemorrhage or perforation or

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invalidism which followed and the definite amount of shortening

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