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This is an excessive and altered secretion of the mucus fur-

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The prognosis is good, the disease never endangering life, though a per-

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low forked cane in one piece about a span long. When

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left hand, right homonymous hemianopsia, right hemi-

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typhoid fever, and also to a large extent its functional

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volumes and get no hint of it. Nevertheless, it is this fact that

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ground for much encouragement in hoping for recovery. The occurrence of

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siderable period made experiments or intravascular injections

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obliged to abandon his occupation, but had improved so

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ings as high as was deemed advisable it was found that the

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limestone ranges of Kentucky, and the sands and rocks of Algeria.

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To turn to a pleasanter and more congenial theme. The

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rally, be calculated by the more or less time during

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the seventh son, udw dead, became amaurotic in l)oth eyes when about 42 years

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emanations from which it was believed had caused the fever. It does

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At the beginning of the fifth month the placenta is

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tion with the college with any self-respect in the face of this action of the

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poisonous quality, and hence the most of the acids, and the caustic alkalies

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will live to occupy many other honorable positions.

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Richard Lewin Pennell, M.D. Edin., Cheriton Bishop,

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It is needless to add that I advised a resumption of the bromide treatment

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worms, and after the administration of large doses of the

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nessed against, as a defendant in a malpractice case. Any man, it

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courses of instruction instituted by your honorable board.

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provement by organization of the ground) , his weapons,

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with in Edinburgh. He (Prof. Simpson) could not recall a case for

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is very bad; carcinoma of the oesophagus in an accessible part is but a

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render the capacity for life as great as possible, notwithstand-

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