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otitis. Importance of vomiting. Slight localising value of optic

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740 grains. Heath once exhibited nineteen taken from

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been described above. There are, therefore, in the first instance, two distinct

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Following these observations we examined the voluntary muscles of

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The region which receives the name of motor zone is irregular

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the employment of atropine ; but the pupil resisted atropine.

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Dose.~R., 3 ii.- 3 i. (8.-30.) ; D., ITLv.-xv. (.3-1.)

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cured until the Wassermann reaction is negative two weeks after cessation of

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junctiva disappear. Neuberg contends that amyloid material is absorbable,

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of the Society, as defined by its constitution, to be, to

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is declared by the patient, to be infinitely more insupportable

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jected subcutaneously over the biceps muscle at 5 o'clock

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be expected. In the former case there is a cyanotic condition of the

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calcium carbonate to one thousand parts, with smaller

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that surgeons did not claim that operative treatment

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England in this matter. But in France has been recently introduced the

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tained; she will call to the physician’s attention spe-

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night. Many ways were taken to confuse the resurrectionists.

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there may be some lateral inclination of the head combined with the

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before admission she had vomiting, and labour-pains set in. Some

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The symptoms which are especially referable to the displacement of

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and if given too often, and at the wrong time retards the cure. For-

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which had been dressed antiseptically for some time. I

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Kornegay, Lemuel W., Eoeky Mount, N. C. Med. Coll., 1906 1906 1914

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pulse varied between 70 and 98 per minute up to within three days of

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