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the rest, that of a lady, now resident at the Springs, is striking. She

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them to the opinion that inoculation of the virus of

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care, which was exercised, to prevent any great variation from

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of the Hospital, &c.a ' ^•^^^8.1.; late Master

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Chesson, Jr., Wilson, N. C; Giles L. Cloninger, Jr., Charlotte, N. C; Robert O. Crawford,

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Four weeks later they were visited and none of them had devel-

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cre, says : " Whether we can distinguish between the true

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December 11th, Dr. John A, McCorkle, of Vaiden, Miss., and

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noted, and from their analysis he concludes that the essence of the

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A fragment of shell entered just anterior to the junction of coronal and

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of the ulcer there was no hemorrhage, showing that the supply was cut off. p. m.: Pulse,

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diagnosis was very puzzling. The patient came to him

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the extreme illness of your patient, concerning which the

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where there is local arterial injury, as in aneurysm.

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Medical Journ. Feb. 1893. 9. GOWERS. Diseases of the Nervous System, vol. ii. p. 24.

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is true that physical abnormalities are more frequent

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directly or indirectly of the bacillus of Koch or its toxins. Mariani

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one of the interspaces, frequently about the 5th or 6th, or it

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degree of irregularity does not exceed one diopter of

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After all, there were 125 hona-Jlde inmates, who stayed

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expectoration, bowel movements irregular, menstruation ceased

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monium sulphate, for example, but whether they are mechanically car-

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boy complained of pain in the abdomen and loins. In a very few

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cent. In 28 per cent, of cases of adrenal disease he found no history of

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tion, about equally marked on both sides of the heart,

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