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collodion may be enumerated as follows : Cleanliness, ease in applying to any

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suggestive. Of the cases of acute pleurisy with effu-

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to-day remarkably bright and active for one so near the

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was known, and in two of these also in descendants.

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patient, fifty years, and the history of having passed gall-stones two or

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the tears and other watery fluids with wliich they are brought into contact; for

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ment can be brought about only by stirring up public

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4. The parents or guardians (baby-farmers, etc.) of illegitimate

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or fracture-dislocation of the spine since the publication

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simulate appendicitis — the pain, tenderness and rigidity being

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"hysterical" are lauded for their acumen. But those experienced in

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nor dignified; and the Toronto discussion was no better than the

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Oedema, especially about the ankles, is to be looked for in all the

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you need have no dread, in my opinion, of ultimately damaging

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tive procedure that may afterward be undertaken. Given

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with a specific gravity of 1"035 and containing a large percent-

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so, that the offspring will be male. It is not con-

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will not explain the origin of the Christian Science cult, for accord-

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activity. In cases of hemiplegia occurring in early life the dwarfing of

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palate should he closed hefore the lip is interfered with, on

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State Medical Society, held at York, September, 1903.

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a physical examination can convince us. Such a patient may conti-

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cases disappeared vi-ry slowly ; it was not, however, very widespread."

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in the month of May. He was ordered dry cupping over the

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Operative repairs were accomplished by replacing the

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Wassermann examination was negativa One year after marriage the

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these are the first to be affected. Thid paralysis does not, as a rule, follow

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cerebral and spinal palsy can be based on any difference in

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limits dengue to the sea-coast. There are undoubtedly yet other

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