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revealed no difference in catheter longevity. The table
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rarely practicable, but the stool even here should be carefully
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Company's intake at Ponder's-end, sewage and manufacturing
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in the subplcural and interlobular cellular tissue, and communicate with longi-
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temperature of 103 to 104 degrees F. for age of cases infected with intestinal para-
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in the kam, where I could perceive the lymphatics a little en-
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long ago an account of a dcatii in Cincinnati in wliicli
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haven ; Ronald Thomson Grant, M.B., Ch.B., Glasgow ; William
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careful search, finally found a hard nodulated mass
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of information of the discovery of 4 cases of foot-and-mouth
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of 100, and moderately full. We bled her to fifteen
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operation, the throwing of the fluid in the cutis, and want of
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pentine. But these, I fear, are mere dreams of our baffled art.
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for a time, but there was constantly more or less swell-
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confused by the many and various theories of conflicting authorities,
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results of craniotomy, that the maternal mortality of the alter-
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more especially in hyperchlorhydria, brown bread, cooked or uncooked
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before us by Dr. Finny is but a part of the larger question, and to this
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the urethra. In recent cases of the disease the mucous membrane
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Elephantiasis of the Breast, Arm, Scalp and Other Re-
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associated with a transiently acting. causative agent destroy rela-
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affects the organ of the eye, as in some of the cases cited in the
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separated from the blood-stream by a layer of coherent tissue, perfoiatian
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every physician. I shall be happy, if the following histories
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alry commanded by Captain Perry, xst Cavalry. S. F.O-
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in reporting the f(>llowiDg cases, treated and managed as hereinafter
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liowever, most heartily acknowledge tliat Von Carion's work will
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may be due either to the tearing of a nerve, its injury by a
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" Ribbert : Deutsche Med. Wochenschrift, January 2^, 1890.
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2nd- or 3rd-degree AV block. Warnings: ISOPTIN should be avoided in patients
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the present edition has been carefully revised by the author, who has profited
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Moxon, of Rugeley, Statfordshire, to Hamette Geoi-Riana, elder daughter
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for the sick and suffering (?). The New Idea gives the
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The alteration in size of the uterus from day to day is also important.
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employ the principles which he has learned, should ex-
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