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eyes were still red, inflamed, and sensitive ; throat sore, dry, and voice

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individual cases. Oftentimes gentle stroking sufficed, but

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In support of this idea may be cited the experiments of Hofmeister and

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" It is erroneous, and likely to lead to the most injurious prac-

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costal margin and was plainly nodular. Through a two-inch

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between all cases of mild jaundice; some are catarrhal, some toxic,

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general peritoneal cavity, and the class who endeavor to tide

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fic and social meetings. The recognition thus gained

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In studying the pathological physiology of intracranial tumours it is

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When the disease has set in, fresh air, and general comfort,

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joint pains. These pains in the joints appear in brief or more prolonged

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and satisfactory explanation of the endless variety of individual

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lesions rather than of laminectomy, fer se^ but it is mentioned at this

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ligating and cutting it above and below. After various periods up to 12 days the

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No instance is known of man being affected with hydrophobia,

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cin in alien Landern, im Jahre 1852. Redigirt von Pr. Scherer, Pr. Virchow,

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Profound interest in what you have to say, singleness of

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admission, the temperature rose to 103°, and an exhausting

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to any great extent, but its physiological action has been

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Pathogenesis of the Bacillus Proteus Vulgaris (Han-

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Dr. Dawson offered a resolution, asking a law to be passed to prevent

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had the courage to undertake it in 1850.^ Case 2. — Edward P , aged six, of

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would therefore seem to be less in need of grinding than that which

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