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improved by administering intravenous gadolinium —

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a second was instituted, by planting the seed of both species

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small motile rosettes were found. On May 11th the tube showed many

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The immediate cause of death is a subject of great practical as

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into a coil. Finally, both axone and medullary sheath disappear,

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the muscular substance goes on dividing, and sometimes disappears

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tith enlargement of the liver and spleen, as well as ascites. The veins of

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portions of the surface ; paralytic affections of various muscles,

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Katona's iiiiposint^ number of inoculations ean have little or no

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tagion are found during the eruptive stage and at the time of its

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Some useful conclusions can bo draw^n from the above cases and

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the Winter and Spring of 1864. By Chas. Burr, "M.D.,

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If such a form be watched attentively, it is often seen to

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weeks the patient was discharged cured, there having

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hasten fibrosis and repair the damage in tubercular conditions?

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Resembling Albuminuric Retinitis, in a Case of Pro-

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the blood-vessels, or to a coagulation of the blood, and if this

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I have no to discuss the general question of lameness after

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indicative of former ulceration which he says precedes such changes of

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and most useful kind of riding, the writer will refer to

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it will be noticed that the somatopleure folds, though very

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pass in front (from the future lesser curvature) to tho liver, and

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but tlie rationale of the treatment is as clearly ex-

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