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and he has left behind him an elaborate code of sugges-

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laparotomy was undertaken. The operation was rendered

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I have obsen^ed several remarkable instances of the psychic effect

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to me, shows that the first and all-important factor in the

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of my observations should be 293° F. The temperatures given

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on Thursday evening, the 25th inst.. Dr. H. J. Boldt will read a paper

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terms very low.— .\ddress " T., 850," Mr. Langley, as above.

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ent from that of muscles undergoing fatty degeneration, or progressive atrophy. After eare«

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Affiliated Clinical Investigation Societies: the Western Association of Physicians; the Western Society for Clinical

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that rather an attempt a full discussion of any one theme, I might

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cases found by various authors ranges from 1 in 15 (Fitz) to 1 in 28

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exanthematic typhus, in a strait-jacket. Besides these symptoms

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purpose of causing a certain amount of slough. I then apply a plug of cotton-

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In postal trade (§ 24), as well as in the case of meat taken along for

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without much difficulty and the fetus easily removed. It was about the size

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ure's method of cure by sloughing of the intussuscep-

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stantly rising from it in vapour, and diffusing itself in the surrounding atmo-

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inadequately furnished with knowledge, or is furnished with erro-

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lying with the end slightly bent, the distal portion pointing

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two carefully conducted Wassermann's are negative. If the per-

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pustular. In from three to five days it begins to fade

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The urine is clear, amber-colored, and strongly acid ; the

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mit dieser ein fur allemal regelmfissige Zeiten fur die Besichtigung

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I think it is a" mistake for the surgeon who does throat work

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