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and which may be designated as nerves of respiration, are the portio

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of the drug during lactation is not recommended. Mammalian

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Eradicate these sources, and discontent will cease."

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Meyer & Co.. They have erecied a ^team mill with an

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evidence of rescinding the policy on expert testimony has been found. However, as the Society

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histories of some cases occurring in his practice, in which

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The general operation of the preparations of iron is as

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from the incisor teeth to the cardia, Rosenheim gives the following rule :

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incidence of Bacillus injlucnzce is much lower in the 20 cases of lobar

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are inapplicable. Nor do 1 believe thai the most fastidious, if impar-

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of carcinoma. It is, however, usually easy to diagnose chloroma from

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but an indifferent guide to vulnerary effect. Previ-

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the foot, or even (though much more rarely) of the hand. Further, he

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of the continuous investigation that is necessary ; but

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powder obtained as described above was tested with a number of

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1. '' To avoid as far as possible, bringing the integument

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began to talk. After about ^xxiv had entered the cir-

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"An assistant surgeon shall rank as a. cording to the date of his commission ; and

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little free fluid, though it may gradually make its way through this

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mine have been isolated. Hence, contrary to reports

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attempts at quieting them — amusements, etc. — are of value.

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facilitated and expedited in a remarkable manner by first

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the linea alba in the usual manner, but owing to extensive ad-

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From the above considerations we are induced to conclude

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premises as well as with the herd at the pasture fields.

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in the extremity thus spasmodically contracted. The direct

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extravasatedinto the corpus striatum and adjacent hemispheres.

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sets in suddenly, about the time of puberty or during pregnancy " ; ^

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sorption thence and evacuation by the bowels and kid-

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retracted, dull in color, and feebly movable. These

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•■(Fig. 5) , a ridge, c, is seen, much more distinctly marked in some

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ing the health and quarantine laws of the individual

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except that the pulse fell from 114 to 80 per minute. It was

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