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Times & Gaz., Lond., 1856, n. s,, xii, 196-198.— Stirling

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luxury and magnificence of those of Darius, though accustomed to the

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,- ! : — of -general Costilla lositig his toes in the desert

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pulse and improvement in other symptoms ; and the defervescence in this

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There was no enlargement of abdominal viscera or tumors

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from us as is consistent with other claims on our space.

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of strangulated congenital hernia, the sac being the tunica

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about it, followed in a few moments by an increased redness

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nity may hope to derive from good sanitation, from light, from air, from all

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issue in this and in other cases treated by the inten-

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favorable. Many cases do not go on to the typical course of an interstitial nephritis.

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authority advises the administration of twenty or thirty grains, at a

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far as known, nothing smaller than an atom is ever posi-

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Sir Patrick Dun's Hospital. She had a well-marked rash of scarla-

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the sequence of the spasmodic and paralytic appearances. There can be

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sutfering from well-marked tertiary symptoms at the

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cination was begun, October 7, and during the subsequent twenty-

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have found it affected. In some cases the size and consistence of objects

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Organs zu verdecken; vor allem werden frische tuberkulCse Ein-

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several times a day, preferably after eating. These drugs should be given

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one hundred and forty-three cases treated in this manner, in one hundred

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the remarkable alteration of the liver, are of the first class, all the other

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pass in front (from the future lesser curvature) to tho liver, and

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citing or outward causes ; for he remarks that, owing to this assumed

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joints. If a spinal nerve, the axis-cylinder enters the spinal cord, where it

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First Assistant, Laboratory of Hygiene, University of Pennsylvania.

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cal Sepositort/, after noticing various facts connected with the disease,

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evidence is in favour of the nervous system being the seat of the lesion. It may

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able to see how many times my friend would forget about the

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the penetration of a tube even during a very short exposure,

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of services to the non-English speaking patient group on the Heart

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1904, and feeble mindness 380 per cent is Before leaving this rubject, I feel that I

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dishonesty by innuendo, planting seeds of distrust in the

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