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always present. Neuralgia does not seem to be often observed. Insomnia

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College, 1891-91. Cambridge: Published by the University.

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ana, Mo., June 2, aged 67 years. — Dr. Nathan Pratt, Mil-

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— collapsed — or inert, during labor ; while the body and fun-

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enty-five of these cases considers that compression my-

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for certain parts of the kidney, one organism damaging particularly the

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years 1863-64 among the women of the lowest classes, consequent

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The Disinfection of Cholera-dejecta by means of Milk of

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be stung by mosquitoes which had previously bitten those

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India, finds that veratrum is useful in those cases of acute pul-

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that in the placental vessels. There had been no hem-

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In 1417 Walter Sheryngton, Prebendary of Goderynghill, is

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the air for three minutes in ten different localities

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At the same time, Mr. Jessop, the General Secretary of the

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discharf'ing freely. Dr. Buckley sat uj) during the niglit, his

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ing the point -where the first sound has its maximum of intensity. Other

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deductions of the author that amputation of limbs for extensive

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perforated all coats and was tied between the apposed serous sur-

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instead of consisting merely of fibrinous exudation. Again, Mr Hutchinson

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officiousness on the part of a medical practitioner are well illustrated by the case

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