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Mr. a. a. McConnell read a paper on the above subject.

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case. Pre-eminently should this be so in typhoid and

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with a whiz. As long as the folds of the pericardium, being-

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gesting that the primary effect of toluene may be on CNS

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model first came to be set and subsequently followed was

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if it be mineral, and is not taken into the system through the me-

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each attack, and even the organic changes which in some cases ensue.

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only a small fraction of the number of deaths caused by

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add a chapter on general paresis, since, as he says, it is

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after efficient use of emetin the old laAv, uhi pus ibi evacuo,

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the descending colon and of the sigmoid fle.xure. The pain

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ness. In like manner the sensibility of the skin and

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not have it in reality. (2) Early recognition of the disease

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• I'dcni,, ,,t ilu- ihi-ii -triKtuiv- .ih-f.iJv ivtcrcd i.,

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extreme development of jaundice, with tender and enlarged liver and

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right at hand. If the men were made to subsist on rice they

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bone separated from the shaft, and that was jx'rfcclly s<iuare, about ati

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During a period of forty-four months, July, 1861 to February, 1865, in the General

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The tonic stage lasts twenty or thirty seconds, and then the clonic stage

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of the epiglottis, is attended with great pain upon deglutition, and consti-

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the Glasgow Medical Journal" In order to ensure its

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The following list of continuing medical education programs in

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mals into pasture at least one day in the week. It is to be presumed,

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W. Keen, M. D., LL. D., F. R. C. S. (Hon.), Professor of the Principles

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of aid if the examiner had access to several sets of Holmgren's tests

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considerable and curious. The frog and sensible sole form

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cut off the blood supply to a part of the bowel, — this

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profitable combination of purely anatomical work of a

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