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part of both sides of the tongue and on the posterior pillar of the fauces
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deaths hove occurred with concomitant use, then initiate cautiously, gradually increas-
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lung ; and, after a few days, the same symptoms in- j
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Psychiatry, Dartmouth Medical School, Hanover, New Hampshire.
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Is caused by the accumulation of watery fluid either
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a fecal fistula, it is to be avoided. Sometimes such an
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becomes revived as part of the perceptive process whenever the object is
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called resolution ; or it may be sudden, and the inflammation
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blood, or bloody serum. It is of a dark red color externally, and
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fearful extent, when thus disarmed of its usual nervous support.
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nature of the disease. Where the growth follows a chronic
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^^ /^ Treatment. — The remedies are aperients {mch as Milk of Su l phur V^ //* /
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profession. Essays, reports ol cases, and correspondence
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parasites are so few that it often takes a long time to find them. But
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weeks to twenty-two months. From a study of 218 patients, Myers'''^
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view is appreciated. Contact Dept. 43 in care of the
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vice that, from a biological standpoint, the opera-
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a grain per hour, or citrate of magnesia are recommended
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aihug for at least two months, with a duU aching pain
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We do not know in just what way lead infection predisposes to gout.
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realize expectations, the search for remedies was con-
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the cranial cavity may take place, in which case the
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member of different clubs in my home town and I know in a general
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yellow fever, and that I am first to speak and to make appear.
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the dominating factor in all of these diseases. It will be found, therefore,
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roused up will take nourishment. Desquamation again
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proved in Bavaria. In large towns the compulsory wearing
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nhalation, both by giving rapidly a large dose, and by giving a small
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wounds, differs essentially from that which effects the obliteration in
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proliferation due to injection of Scharlach E, oils, etc.), the subtler proc-
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glandered horse has stood. The latter are common means of
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to questions, says he has pain from side to side of chest. Nothing to
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