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work previously begun. The series will be large enough, I

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the Clinical Society, 1S"12, the same result seems to have taken

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thoughts and more with the patient who requests a total

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been erected, at selected centres, at very little more cost, and with, we

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patients with impaired hepatic tunction. They can precipitate coma in patients with severe liver

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odorless. Each compressed tablet contains (1/12 gr.) 5.4 mg of Yohimbine

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presented a young man of twenty-three who had had infantile

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been reported during the last few years. Ligature of the artery

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fibrous accumulations, tend to produce the condition.

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Cod-liver oil plasters constitute an excellent topical aj)[)licution

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toward the left clavicle in the course of the »"^ ""ted the followmg pomts : Patient was

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that it is often difficult for a householder to tell the source of his milk

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animal, cause it to struggle when it otherwise would remain

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wide sea which is opened up before us r ^^'hat do we propose

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in the organization of State Boards of Health, to such

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with false membrane, or adherent to the opposite surfaces by means

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she had had no fever, that on the morning of the 6th the temperature was 96. 05 ,

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with the first signs of syncope, some sympathetic by-

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and back become rigid and contracted, so that the head is bent

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Professor of Surgery in the New York Postgraduate Medical School

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