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Dr. J. C. Hall, of Sheffield, but a former pupil of St. George's
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HDciiilion. " Iiujireijnateil with it.s own gTin." T/ir C'llpit,
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general involvement of all these glands on both sides of the neck
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periments were made by means of animals of the blood
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chloric production is diminished or absent, but with ab-
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malian auricle, reasons were given to show why the "suspension curve"
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internally as required for jjain. The patient was bet-
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Christmas Seal booths, stuffing seal envelopes and help-
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tuberculosis ends ikvorably, viz., in dry, innocuous cavities, ^e miUaiy
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the beginning some appearances that might lead one to, think of
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aches, especially worse in rainy weather, have been
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negligible ; in others severe and associated with early death. In some
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preface states that it is an attempt to give a systematic account
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they were examples of the ha3morrhagic diathesis, rather than of true
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which were greatly increased in bulk, clumsy, and club-
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these children was a vegetable diet, exercise and fresh
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held in this manner, but at an angle of 45 degrees to the first, as
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been chosen king he was not going to be King Log. He plainly said that he
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From these cases and these examinations, therefore, it would appear
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prodottfc nei OhLfiuini dbl . bciliup parfatphi. rii'orinh
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plied, and a week later applied for advice. I found
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were uncomplicated cases of idiopathic senile cata-
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quently recurring exhausted the patient. There were several
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fully. She had taken, for about four weeks, griddle-cakes made
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within the ring of vesicles is converted into a dark gray to black pultaceous diphther-
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ever pushed to the extent desired. Within my own observa-
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stances, ointments of opium, have in the past been em-

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