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The hydrate of chloral may have had something to say to the recovery in

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case is right, which unfortunately I could not verify by au-

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the interval he has chosen some other subject, so much the

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late in the puerperium, even after the patient is up and

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plausible that when, a century ago, the committee ap-

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small intestine. 4. Elimination, or secretion and excretion, is

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mania, and the hallucinations associated Iwith the attacks 6f

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pelvis, especially severe during the menstrual period and five

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the attention of the Government. The Irish Administration

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absent. The seat of pain was carefully ascertained by making the patient lay

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January 1994.... This is the largest drop in a decade.

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using much force, slight motion backwards and forwards. Mr.

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The jjresent statistics show a mortality of 16.9 per cent., a

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off without a hitch of any description, and the prognosis was therefore

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whilst recent tubercle occupies the inferior portion, and older tubercle,

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sent me a copy of a paper read by Dr Albert H. Burr, in 1903 or

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the controls were lined with flattened cells and remained small.

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1,700 cases of vesicular exanthema in horses, and 50,000 cases in cattle.

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characters. The kidneys are often enlarged, without structural changes,

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Examination.— Leg held in a position of flexion. The knee

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would now exist in the circulation. Thus any considerable entrance into the

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swollen ; the parenchyma soft, stained yellow, and in a state of fatty

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